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Who we are


We are a company that believes in making our clients’ vision into reality. A vision of a home, business, or a personalized space in this expanding world is our medium for connecting with our clients. Our vision-to-construction practice is rooted in the art of master craftsmanship that was started by my father in 1945.





What we do


Our Business, a New York based construction company has been serving the Tri-State Area for 25 years. We have been providing services throughout New York, Long Island, the five boroughs, and Westchester. We specialize in custom home designs, restaurants, as well as community and commercial buildings. Established in 1985 we have worked with over hundreds of clients to bring their dreams to life.


There is very little that can not be accomplished under the direction of Reji Suvar. We have been working with clients to build projects of their desire. With a driven, focused, and passionate crew, it is no wonder our endeavors are achieved with the highest quality.

Let us work together to transform your vision into reality



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