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Carpentry by Reji has a focus and a vision, when collaborated with New York's finest architects and engineers, the results are timeless. New York City has a demand for a progressive design and with the unique taste of our diverse clients we often surprass their expectations.


Most of our commercial work is performed in New York City and Long Island. Our New York projects range from five star hotels, video rooms, show rooms, laundromats, furniture galleries, and much more. We have worked with designers and engineers from The Mark Hotel, The Laurel Condominums, 56 Leonard showrooms, and The Langham Hotel. Carpentry by Reji has served large corporations in renovations such as La-Z-Boy located in Long Island.


With a natural affinity for quality, we know that this is what New Yorker's demand. You can trust us to get the job done safely and quickly while achieving the highest quality.

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